Curator and Writer, Rodrigo Chaveiro (UK)

Royal College of Art in London

"Steven Van is a contemporary artist who often creates abstract paintings. His work is influenced by Renaissance paintings, Abstract Surrealism, and contemporary graffiti. Van's paintings can be described as otherworldly and celestial as they evoke a sense of awe and wonder. The conceptual underpinning of Van's artistic language reverberates to the Renaissance—a period marked by its meticulous craftsmanship and profound emotional depth. In Van's detailed skill in exploring the form and perspective, viewers may encounter the geometric precision of Renaissance masters. This art's historical resonance is not simply a homage but a contemporary renewed alchemy of the Renaissance tradition, translating its language for our contemporary sights. The painting, Galilean Moon, sets a surreal landscape with a large cosmic sphere in space. The object is surrounded by a vast cloak of unexplored space, represented in a dark shade of black paint, interpreted as an expression of unanswered questions. The painting is both beautiful and unsettling, leaving the viewer with a sense of mystery and contemplation. It resembles the sleepless captivation of the human quest for connections, looking at the unwilling vacuum of knowledge."

"Galilean Moon reflects Van's interest in the ethereal and the celestial. The painting evokes a sense of wonder and marvel that has been present in art throughout history. Van's use of black and white also contributes to the ethereal quality of the painting. These two colours create a drift of depth and space, while the white figures and objects in the painting stand out floating in an ambivalent light."

"Steven Van's unique visual language engages a dual conversation with the Surrealist movement and urban aesthetics. His canvases resonate with the enigmatic dreamscapes and the paradoxical juxtapositions, displaying the Surrealist fascination with the subconscious and the uncanny. While the influence of surrealism is manifested in his oeuvre, a hint of pop culture from the 90's, convergence with the art's historical nuance. Here, Van's work is infused with the vibrant energy of metropolitans, configuring the outlines of urban landscapes. Steven Van's work, examined through the lens of art historical eras, surrealist inquiries, and chromatic dialogues, stands as a testament to the enduring power of art. Steven Van is an alchemist, forging connections between the past and the present."

“The relationship between a painting and its collector can be a powerful experience. When I connect with a piece, I want an emotion to be uncovered or to feel transported. With the commissioned work Steven created for us ~Isle Of Serenity~ I am on the balcony of my Egyptian palace, admiring my view of the Nile. That is where it takes me. Enjoying it brings me such happiness each day. Steven is a master of creation and evoking a feeling from his beautiful work.”

Owner LVXVRIA, Todd Smooker-Somoza (US)

“For a pop of color or contemporary aesthetic, Steven Van's art will elevate in any room in your home, bringing you years of enjoyment!”

Journalist, Jayne Chase (US)
Host Perfectly Palm Beach, Former Editor-In-Chief of Modern Luxury Palm Beach, Hearst Publications International Editor at Harper's Bazaar, Conde Nast Publications for Glamour, Vanity Fair, Lifestyle and Fashion correspondent for Good Morning America, ABC, NBC and CNBC. 

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